How To Work Out While Deployed

Navy Sailor Working Out

While on a Navy ship you usually run into issues when trying to stay in shape.

One is the shortage of time and the lack of space on your ship unless you’re on a really large ship but I’m sure we can all agree that time is definitely tough to manage.

Although it is tuff to find the time that is never an excuse. We understand you can be doing many other activities on your personal down time like laundry and washing those custom rack sheets you heavily rely on to get rest or watching one of your favorite reality shows.

Nevertheless, there is always zero excuses when it comes to fitness, especially as a Navy Sailor. We get a lot of emails about how to stay in shape from people working on Navy war ships so I thought this would be a great post for our audience. In this, I will break down some simple ways to keep yourself in tip top while deployed.


As personal trainers fitness and the human body is our business but we understand this is not everyone else’s primary job. For this reason, our clients and most the people that dabble in fitness tend to only concentrate on their workouts not realizing diet and food intake is a bigger piece of the puzzle (more like 70% of that puzzle).

Taking this into account, staying at a good healthy weight is not brain surgery and many people tend to overcomplicate diets. Just remember this equation to get your maintenance calorie intake. This will keep you at the weight you’re at right now. You can either add or subtract depending on your fitness goals.

Take your body weight and multiply it by 15. 

Bodyweight in pounds x 15


175 lbs x 15 = 2,625 calories

There are a lot of applications you can use to track your calories and eating on a ship might not be the best food to eat but you can really get a feel of your calorie intake because they tend to serve the same type of foods.

Track your calories for a week and you will basically know what your in taking every day.

Get Active For Min 30 Minutes Per Day

Time is the usually the excuse for sailors and regular citizens but if you’re reading this I can tell that’s not you. In light of this, let’s take a look at the types of quick workouts you can implement into your daily routine.

Try super-setting these exercises if your fitness level allows but if not just do them at your pace:

Upper Body 3 cycles

  1. Chin Ups: 3 cycles – 8-10 reps
  2. Regular Pushup: 3 cycles – 10-100 (gage by your personal fitness level)
  3. Hanging leg raises: 3 cycles – 8-10
  4. Diamond push up for tricep: 3 cycles 8-10
  5. Regular crunches: 3 cycles – 10-100 (gage by your fitness level)
  6. Skull crushers: 3 cycles – 8-10

Lower body 3 cycles

  1. Body weight single leg squat: 3 cycles – 8-10
  2. Standing calve raise: 3 cycles – 10-100 (gage by your fitness level)
  3. Lunges: 3 cycles – 8-10
  4. Crunches: 3 cycles – 10-100 (gage by your fitness level)

Now there are two things I would like to say about this workout is one these numbers are not set in stone and use this more as a guide. Adjust whatever you want depending on your fitness level. And two you should have more than time to input this workout into your daily routine.

If you have a ship on board even better. Hit the weights for 20-30 minutes and work in some cardio on off days and you should be just fine.

I really hope this helps to give you an idea of how to keep your weight down and stay healthy on board. Please feel free to email our blog if you’re looking for a different type of workout or want some more tips on nutrition.

Top Resistant Band Exercises

Workout Resistant Bands

Resistance Bands is an elastic band that can aid you in fitness training and workouts. They are made of strong, elastic thin rubber and come with handles on both ends. With resistance bands, you can perform any type of training and exercises on your desired fitness level. Resistance bands come in different sizes, length, strength and resistance levels.

This band is portable and you can bring it with you wherever you go. If you feel working out and do your strengthening exercises at home instead of going to the gym, then these bands would be perfect for you and for your training needs.

If you just heard about this resistance band, then you will surely be surprised if you have learned about the different benefits it would bring.

  • Resistance bands are very affordable and it can help you achieve a cost-effective training exercise or workout. It is a low-cost training investment.
  • Resistance bands are small and dense making it very easy for you to bring it anywhere you want to perform your exercise or workout routine meaning you can just train anywhere, anytime as long as the resistance band is with you.
  • These types of bands allow you to achieve a whole body workout as this band allows you to maintain stability throughout the entire workout routine.
  • Resistance bands are one of the most flexible types of workout gear because its resistance can be adjusted depending on your fitness level.
  • They can help you maintain strength and reduce the risks for injuries as it is considered to be joint and muscle friendly.
  • It increases stability and improves muscle and joint strength.


Resistance Band Exercises


There are several types of resistance band exercises and here are some of the easiest and simplest ways to perform your resistance band routine exercises or workout involving different major muscles in the body:

  1. Squat

This requires you to stand over the band and your feet should be positioned wider than your shoulder length for support and balance. Hold the handle on both ends with one handle on each hand and bring it and stretch it up to the top of your shoulder. Sit all the way down in a straight manner with your chest up, contracted abs and press your knees out and go back up from your starting position and repeat the same steps for 8 times or more. This can be one of your lower body exercises.


  1. Bent Over Row

To perform this, you have to stand at the center of the band with fit apart wider than your shoulder length, bend your knees slightly and hinge at the waist while keeping your hips back at the same time. Grip both one end of the band on each hand, pull the band up to the level of your hips until your elbows form a 90-degree angle and with knees slightly bent. Repeat these steps to achieve the bent over row exercise. This can be an exercise for the strengthening of the back muscles.


  1. Lateral Band Walk

Tie your band on your lower extremities just above the ankles just like a loop. Move your legs apart to create a tension on the band. In a slightly bent or half squat position, perform sideways steps and move from left to right or you can perform 8 to 10 steps to the right and then 8-10 steps to the left but make sure that the band is stretched. This is one of your lower body exercises.


  1. Push up with the band

This is just like your usual push up but this time, you will place the resistance band across your upper back and tie each end of the band on each thumb. Place your hands on the ground and go for a push-u exercise position and then you can push yourself up with hands fully extended and body straight then bring yourself down with elbows bent, just like your push-ups. Repeat these steps in a repeated manner. This is one of the chest exercises that you can perform.


  1. Lateral Raise

This is one of the isolation exercises with resistance bands and it can build up your shoulder muscles. To do this, you have to position your feet at the center of the band, grasp each handle of the band with arms down on both sides. Pull the band and raise your arms up and in a straight manner to the level of your shoulders and then place it back down. Repeat these steps to achieve this kind of resistance band exercise.

Proper Stretching Before Your Workout

Man Stretching

Sweat and determination define workout as it involves strenuous activities for fitness and over-all health. Workout promotes healthier mind and body as it strengthens your body and promotes mind relaxation at the same time. The workout requires self-discipline as you have to perform it on a regular basis and you have to set aside some time for it.

Before you perform your workout, you should make sure that you will perform first some stretching exercises before your workout routine. Stretching can promote muscle elongation to improve your range of motion. Workouts involve movements of joints and muscle which allows you to have increased susceptibility to injury. Therefore, stretching exercise should be done before workouts as it can improve flexibility and helps you avoid injuries during the course of your entire workout routine.

Other benefits of stretches would include decreasing the risk of having pains, increased the efficiency of movements, improves coordination and balance, decreases muscle tension, prevent joint and muscle strains and promotes circulation.

Stretches before a workout should be performed because it allows the body to become more flexible and less prone to injury. You should keep in mind that the muscle that should be involved in your stretching should be the major muscles that will be involved during your entire workout session.

Top Stretches before performing a Workout

Dynamic Stretching

This type of stretching is performed by moving major muscle groups until the full range of motion is reached gently and should be done repeatedly. This exercise is performed in a controlled manner to improve flexibility and achieve a full range of motion. This type of exercise allows the body to prepare itself for the workout that you are going to perform. Another purpose of the dynamic stretching is to promote stability and balance and increase the movement of the joints.

Static Stretching

We are familiar with this type of stretching most especially in our physical education classes wherein a body part is stretched to the furthest it can reach and maintain in that position for 30 seconds or more. It does not involve fast and dynamic movements as it only requires you to stay in place and stretch all the way. It is a common type of stretching that can improve your overall flexibility and endurance.

Passive Stretching

This type of stretching requires the need for an external force or outside assistance that can help you in stretching. This outside assistance can be another person, a device, leverage, strap, etc. In this, you have to relax the muscle that you are going to stretch and it should be held in place by your outside assistance.

Isometric Stretching

In this type of stretching exercise, a muscle will be stretched and held in place while your job it to resist the stretch. For example, allow someone to stretch your leg up while he/she will hold it in place and your job is to force it back in the opposite direction. Isometric stretching is considered to be the safest and most effective type of stretching exercise if you want to increase your joint’s range of motion, retain flexibility and build up ligaments and tendons.

Healthy Eating Habits On The Go

Summer is near and vacations are everywhere but eating healthy during road trips or as you travel is really a struggle and can be a great challenge. We cannot deny the fact that whenever we hear about road trips and travel, we often think about junk foods, canned goods, sodas and fast foods in terms of food and drinks. You may think that it is the most convenient but keep in mind that it is very unhealthy.

Always remember that whenever you travel for business, work, vacation or whatever reason, you can find some simple, easy and effective strategies so you can eat healthy on the go.


Travelling comes with planning and planning includes the food that you should bring or you should eat as you hit the road. Planning is very important because, without it, you will end up eating unhealthy foods especially those foods that can be accessed easily. During the trip, you will have no access to your kitchen so you have to make some preparations ahead of time.

If you are conscious about your health then there will be a lot of food choices to pack-up that you can eat on the go. Planning can go a long way when it comes to healthy food. You have to pack smart. You have to know where you are going and how long it will take to get there so you will be able to prepare enough healthy food with you.

If you will pack healthy foods that will not be enough for the trip, the tendency is you will have a possibility to buy food that can be accessed easily and most of these foods are the unhealthy ones and you really have to go for it if you will have no choice.

Fill you travel bag with foods most especially snacks and easy to go meals that you can eat while on the road. If you plan ahead of time, you will be able to prepare the healthy kinds of food. Avoiding unhealthy foods on the trip can be difficult but it will not be as difficult as it is if you already have packed up the healthy food for your consumption.

Travel foods


Healthy Foods


Here are some examples of healthy snacks and food that you can pack up and eat as you go on that trip. Continue reading

Why Consistency Is Key To Success

Consistant Runner

Health is very important and should be our utmost priority and we should always keep in mind that exercise can contribute a lot in different ways when we talk about health. Exercise can be done in a lot of ways and this article will not only show you the importance and benefits of exercise but also the various types of exercise that you can do as you go to work.

Most of us really know that exercise is important but seldom do we know what it can do for us in a lot of positive ways.  Sometimes, we just don’t mind the importance of exercise and just neglect it most of the time until such time that we experience some medical conditions that call for a regular exercise.

Most of us would take exercise for granted and takes being busy as an excuse most of the time. We cannot deny the fact that a lot of individuals nowadays are having sedentary lifestyles and would come up with a lot of excuses just to avoid exercise not knowing that exercise is very important and should be included in our daily routine.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to different medical conditions that can make us regret at the end of the day. Some of us will only appreciate the importance of exercise if can already see the bad effects of not having one.

Benefits Of A Quick Workout


Stay Healthy Ad

Aside from keeping you fit and healthy, here are some other benefits of exercise.

Strengthen Your Central Nervous System  

The central nervous system is arguably the most important component of the human body. For some reason, in the fitness and health conversation, we seldom mention the central nervous system.

Specifically, the nervous systems main duty is to control and signal the greater functions in our body. For example your breathing, appetite, and heartbeat.

We would like to make you aware of how crucial it is to keep your nervous system healthy and make absolutely sure nothing is blocking the electrical waves the nervous system sends to your most vital organs.

We reached out to one of the top chiropractors in Bakersfield CA the Bakersfield Chiropractor Group and they explained that a mix of regular exercise and chiropractic care you can help your central nervous system to operate at pinnacle performance.

Healthy Weight

Exercise can be your aid in maintaining or achieving a healthy weight. With exercise, you can lose calories and burn fats that can help you in weight loss and keep your body fit.

Prevent Diseases

Our body is perfectly designed to move that is why we have to move it on a regular basis with exercise. Exercise can help us avoid having diseases and conditions just like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and a lot more. Always remember that diseases and medical conditions do not always result from unhealthy eating but also from a sedentary lifestyle.

Muscle Strength and Increase Energy Levels

Exercise can improve the function of the cardiovascular system and also improve the functions and efficiency of the different systems in our body including the muscles that are why we feel so active if we have a regular exercise as there will be a good transport of oxygen. As what they say, exercise is good for the heart.

Enhances mood and sleeping pattern

Studies show that individuals who perform regular exercise tend to sleep better and improve your mood as exercise can help in the release of certain hormones that can help in making you feel better and having a good sense of well-being. 

Exercises From Home 


Stanford University Pool

As what I have mentioned, a lot of us would reason out that we are very busy at work that is why we cannot perform a regular exercise but you should also take note that if you really want to achieve something, you have to find some ways to do it and that leaves you no excuse.

Walk it out

There are several ways to perform exercise even in going to work and that includes brisk walking. Well, if you leave near your office and it just takes a 15-minute walk then forget your car and go walk your way to work. If you worry about being late, then you have to wake up early, prepare yourself and just walk yourself to work. In that way, you are already having your exercise by just merely walking.

You can also do brisk walking if you want. Walking can already help you burn calories and this can already be a good form of exercise. As simple as that, by just walking yourself to work, you can already have your own regular exercise. But, if you have more time in a week or during your days off, you can still perform different kinds of exercise in addition to walking yourself to work every day.

If your office is too far from home and you have to drive your car or take the bus to get there, you can stop or park your car at the point where you can take a 15-minute walk to your office.

Go for the stairs

Taking the elevator would be most convenient to those individuals who cannot take the stairs so in your case if you can just take the stairs then go for it. Taking the stairs can be considered as a vigorous exercise and can help you strengthen the muscles of your lower extremities, can contribute to the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and can help you burn calories.

Jogging on the way to work

Instead of setting aside some time for jogging each day, you can just jog your way to work and just make sure that you have your office clothes in your locker in your office so you can just change when you get there. You can actually do this if it is not a hassle for you as you go to work.


You may now realize the importance of exercise in our daily lives. Exercise can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle so you can prevent some medical conditions or diseases to occur. There are a lot of benefits that exercise can bring so you have to move. If there’s a will, there’s away so if your goal is to have a few minutes of exercise every day or every week, then you have to find some ways to achieve it.

So, what are you waiting for, start your planning now? Think of the different types of exercise that you can do on your way to work. Do not ever think that exercise can make you feel tired because it never can perhaps it can make you feel more active and on-the-go. Always keep in mind that exercise can give you a lot of benefits most especially when you talk about health and fitness.

Compound Exercises

Crossfit Women Doing Pull Ups

When we talk about exercises, we are talking about health because we basically know that an exercise can do a lot for our health and exercise is needed for us to maintain healthy and fit. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, then you are not living your life well. You need to get up, move your body and perform the exercise as often as possible. There are several types of exercise and one of them is the compound exercise.

Compound Exercises

A compound exercise is defined as an exercise that involves the movement of multiple joints that stimulates the movement of several muscle groups at one time. If your goal is to strengthen your muscle from head to toe, then include compound exercises on your exercise routine. If you are trying to build an exercise or workout program then it is not ideal for it to entirely contain compound movements because this type of exercise is made of tough movements.

If you make the most of the time during your exercise, compound exercise will be best recommended for you because in just 8-10 compound exercises that you perform, it can already stimulate all the major muscle groups in your body and you can already see major changes in your body composition in the shortest time possible.  Compound exercises will help you make the most out of the time and also maximize your performance and efficiency in the gym.

The compound exercise involves using several muscle groups which mean that there can be greater benefits including:

  • Building more strength
  • Getting the best work out faster from head to toe
  • More calories are burned in this type of exercise
  • Develops coordination and balance
  • Improves the function of your cardiovascular system
  • Longer exercise with lesser muscle weakness
  • Greater muscular growth and development
  • Work not only on the primary but also the secondary muscles


There are several types of compound exercises if you want to build up specific muscles groups and these are the following exercises:



Girl performing pull up


This exercise can help you build strength most especially in your core, upper body and back. This is considered to be one of the most important exercises that you should do most especially for athletes.

It is done by standing below a horizontal bar with your feet shoulder-width apart, and then you should jump and grip the bar with the use of your overhand grip. To achieve a balanced position, you should bend your knees and cross your ankles. Then you have to give all your strength to pull yourself up in such a way that your chin is level with the bar then lower yourself in such a way that your elbows are straight. Repeat the same procedure several times without touching the floor.


This is known to be the perfect upper body exercise as it involves the build-up of an upper body and core strength. If this exercise is performed in the correct manner, it uses the muscles in the triceps, chest, shoulders, legs and back.Push With Army Guy

To perform this, you should position yourself on the floor with your arms and feet supporting your entire body and the position of your hands should be wider than your shoulders. Then, extend your legs so you maintain your balance with your hands and toes. It is very important to keep your body in a straight position, no sagging, and arching. Keep in mind to keep a tight core during the entire exercise by pulling your belly part on the way to the spine to keep a contracted abs and tightened core. Lower yourself by bending your elbows until it reaches a 90-degree angle. Push yourself back up with the use of your hand and make sure that your elbows are just slightly bent. Repeat these movements to achieve the push-up exercise that you want.


Fitness Model doing squatsThis exercise is specifically designed to promote muscle and core strength and also for power. This exercise is so simple yet very effective in strengthening specific muscle groups.

To perform this, position yourself under the barbell and place it slightly above your posterior deltoid. Grip the bar tightly with your hands and remember to look straight ahead. After that, you should inhale and make sure to contract your abdominal muscles, position your back slightly arched and then you will now remove the bar from the stand. Step a few inches backward, position your feet in such a way that it is wider than the shoulders and the toes should be pointing slightly outward. Bend forward from the hips and perform the same movement until such time that the legs are now slightly below and parallel to the ground and then lift your torso to the starting position and then exhale.


Man doing bench press exercise This exercise can be performed with dumbbells and barbells. The bench press is the kind of exercise that can strengthen your muscles triceps, shoulders, and chest.

To do this, you should position yourself under the stand that holds the bar in place and lies flat on the bench. Upper body should be straight while your feet should be flat on the floor. Position yourself for the lift and add the desired weights to the bar. Grip the bar the right way by placing your thumb outside your closed fists, arms should be wider than the shoulder and its angle should be approximately 45 degrees in relation to the body. Remove the barbell from the stand; lift it until you have reached the point where your elbows are locked. Lower down the bar to your chest and in the nipple line. Then raise the bar while taking a deep breath and with fully extended arms, return the bar just above the chest and repeat the same movements to achieve this compound exercise.

These are some of the compound exercises that you can perform if you want to build up some specific muscles in your body. There are other types of compound exercise that you can actually choose from and perform what you think would be beneficial for you.

Top Back Exercises

Man Performing T-Bar Row

We will be talking back exercises today that will help you maintain optimal health all year around. Let’s start by checking out this awesome blog from Muscle Fitness. From here we will dive straight into our strategies we gathered from our in-house experts.

Have you ever admired another person’s well sculpted back from a far? I’m comfortable in saying that most of us have. Today we are going to be explaining exactly how you can go about reaching the goal of having the back muscles of your dreams.

Heavy lifting with proper technique and willing to go through the pain that is involved is your key to a more muscular back. Before we dive into the exercises you should be performing let’s take a look at what major muscles your back is comprised of.

Anatomy of your back muscles

Obviously, we all have the same type of back muscles but what do we really know about them?

For the sake of keeping things simple we are not going to get in depth about the back muscles but we would like you to have a basic comprehension of what muscles make up the back.

This way when you are training and feeling the torment of back lifting exercises you will know exactly what is under stress.

There are 3 major muscle groups in your back and we will list the smaller muscles that make these groups up:

  1. Extrinsic muscle
    • Trapezius
    • Latismuss dorsi
    • Rhomboids (major & minor)
    • Levator Scapulae
  2. Intrinsic Muscles
    • Splenius capitus
    • Splenius cervicus
  3. Intermediate
    • Serratus posterior superior
    • Serratus posterior inferior

Again we don’t want to go to deep into the anatomy of the back in the article but of course, if you would like to do further research please check out the cool YouTube video above. Without further ado let’s get into the exercise portion.

T-Bar Rows

Man Performing T-Bar RowAllow us to introduce one of the most effective back muscles to carve your back into a beautiful piece of art. The T-Bar Row.

The t-bar row has been around for decades and is still a great exercise to build your lats but also targets your traps, rhomboids, and upper back.

In regards to the t-bar row exercise, you will want to be lifting free weights that are heavy enough to activate your back muscles without restricting your range of motion.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself,”what the hell does that mean Alex?” Allow me to explain in further detail.

For the simple reason of building a strong and muscular back we want to be lifting a weight that stimulates your muscles but at the same time, you can perform the exercise without having to compromise posture or proper form.

I.E. don’t be lifting a weight that you know is too damn heavy for you. We all know where we are at physically and we don’t need to impress anyone. Remember this is “personal training”.

Back Raise Extensions

Women Performing Back ExtensionsBack raises is a great way to strengthen your back but particularly your lower back. If you have found that you suffer from lower back pain this could be due to weak lower back muscles. If you’re looking for better mobility, core strength, and enhance overall health this is for you.

With most back exercises you don’t necessarily need equipment to perform this exercise you can either do it from the floor or use the back extension devices at your gym.

When you begin to train the lower back with extensions you will feel soreness the whole next week. Especially if you haven’t trained these muscles before or not on a consistent basis. If you’re using equipment start by reading the guide below:

  1. Set your machine or stable equipment to the proper height so that you’re comfortable.
  2. Make sure your thighs are firmly against the pads.
  3. Step in and lock your feet and calves against the back of the pads for support and leverage.
  4. Position your body straight upright like you have a board against your back.
  5. Begin to rotate downward slowly and controlled.
  6. Begin to rotate back up with the same type of motion while exhaling. Repeat these steps.

Pull Ups / Chin Ups

You might have heard of the good ol fashion chin up. This may be a very old school but still remains a superior back muscle workout. The movement may be very basic but believe me, they are Crossfit Women Doing Pull Upseffective when building back muscles. Nevertheless, if you have the ability to pump out at least 10 per set then, by all means, keep on trucking. on the contrary, for the person that may not be able to perform enough pull ups to stimulate your muscles, we suggest you use a machine or spotter for assistance.

This way you will be working those muscles enough to see a significant increase in strength and size. Be absolutely sure you are going all the way down and all the way up. This will contract those back upper back muscles and lats so that you are being efficient when training.

Far too many times do we see amateurs and even advanced athletes execute this exercise with bad form because they are too proud to get assistance from a machine or a partner. Don’t let this be you. Every extension of our back workouts needs to be efficient.

Bent Over Row

Girl Doing Barbell Row The bent over row is in exact contrast to the bench press. Just like the benchpress strengthens your chest the bent row will do the same for your back.

This is a bit of a dynamic type of movement so we would suggest you start off light and work your way to heavier weight if you’re not experienced with the exercise.

To properly carry out the bent over row we will explain to you step by step in the points below:

  •  You should be starting with the weight on the floor
  • Hunch over and grasp the bar with a comfortable with grip.Particularly keeping your hands and shoulders even.
  • Begin pulling the bar straight into your chest while exhaling.
  • Return the bar and lower as far as possible to the ground while keeping good posture throughout the movements.
  • Repeat these steps.

Not only will the bent over row work your mid to upper back muscles you will be stimulating most of the other muscles in your body as well. The bent over row would be considered a compound type of exercise because of the multiple muscles that are involved. Definitely not an isolated exercise.