Top Back Exercises

Man Performing T-Bar Row

We will be talking back exercises today that will help you maintain optimal health all year around. Let’s start by checking out this awesome blog from Muscle Fitness. From here we will dive straight into our strategies we gathered from our in-house experts.

Have you ever admired another person’s well sculpted back from a far? I’m comfortable in saying that most of us have. Today we are going to be explaining exactly how you can go about reaching the goal of having the back muscles of your dreams.

Heavy lifting with proper technique and willing to go through the pain that is involved is your key to a more muscular back. Before we dive into the exercises you should be performing let’s take a look at what major muscles your back is comprised of.

Anatomy of your back muscles

Obviously, we all have the same type of back muscles but what do we really know about them?

For the sake of keeping things simple we are not going to get in depth about the back muscles but we would like you to have a basic comprehension of what muscles make up the back.

This way when you are training and feeling the torment of back lifting exercises you will know exactly what is under stress.

There are 3 major muscle groups in your back and we will list the smaller muscles that make these groups up:

  1. Extrinsic muscle
    • Trapezius
    • Latismuss dorsi
    • Rhomboids (major & minor)
    • Levator Scapulae
  2. Intrinsic Muscles
    • Splenius capitus
    • Splenius cervicus
  3. Intermediate
    • Serratus posterior superior
    • Serratus posterior inferior

Again we don’t want to go to deep into the anatomy of the back in the article but of course, if you would like to do further research please check out the cool YouTube video above. Without further ado let’s get into the exercise portion.

T-Bar Rows

Man Performing T-Bar RowAllow us to introduce one of the most effective back muscles to carve your back into a beautiful piece of art. The T-Bar Row.

The t-bar row has been around for decades and is still a great exercise to build your lats but also targets your traps, rhomboids, and upper back.

In regards to the t-bar row exercise, you will want to be lifting free weights that are heavy enough to activate your back muscles without restricting your range of motion.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself,”what the hell does that mean Alex?” Allow me to explain in further detail.

For the simple reason of building a strong and muscular back we want to be lifting a weight that stimulates your muscles but at the same time, you can perform the exercise without having to compromise posture or proper form.

I.E. don’t be lifting a weight that you know is too damn heavy for you. We all know where we are at physically and we don’t need to impress anyone. Remember this is “personal training”.

Back Raise Extensions

Women Performing Back ExtensionsBack raises is a great way to strengthen your back but particularly your lower back. If you have found that you suffer from lower back pain this could be due to weak lower back muscles. If you’re looking for better mobility, core strength, and enhance overall health this is for you.

With most back exercises you don’t necessarily need equipment to perform this exercise you can either do it from the floor or use the back extension devices at your gym.

When you begin to train the lower back with extensions you will feel soreness the whole next week. Especially if you haven’t trained these muscles before or not on a consistent basis. If you’re using equipment start by reading the guide below:

  1. Set your machine or stable equipment to the proper height so that you’re comfortable.
  2. Make sure your thighs are firmly against the pads.
  3. Step in and lock your feet and calves against the back of the pads for support and leverage.
  4. Position your body straight upright like you have a board against your back.
  5. Begin to rotate downward slowly and controlled.
  6. Begin to rotate back up with the same type of motion while exhaling. Repeat these steps.

Pull Ups / Chin Ups

You might have heard of the good ol fashion chin up. This may be a very old school but still remains a superior back muscle workout. The movement may be very basic but believe me, they are Crossfit Women Doing Pull Upseffective when building back muscles. Nevertheless, if you have the ability to pump out at least 10 per set then, by all means, keep on trucking. on the contrary, for the person that may not be able to perform enough pull ups to stimulate your muscles, we suggest you use a machine or spotter for assistance.

This way you will be working those muscles enough to see a significant increase in strength and size. Be absolutely sure you are going all the way down and all the way up. This will contract those back upper back muscles and lats so that you are being efficient when training.

Far too many times do we see amateurs and even advanced athletes execute this exercise with bad form because they are too proud to get assistance from a machine or a partner. Don’t let this be you. Every extension of our back workouts needs to be efficient.

Bent Over Row

Girl Doing Barbell Row The bent over row is in exact contrast to the bench press. Just like the benchpress strengthens your chest the bent row will do the same for your back.

This is a bit of a dynamic type of movement so we would suggest you start off light and work your way to heavier weight if you’re not experienced with the exercise.

To properly carry out the bent over row we will explain to you step by step in the points below:

  •  You should be starting with the weight on the floor
  • Hunch over and grasp the bar with a comfortable with grip.Particularly keeping your hands and shoulders even.
  • Begin pulling the bar straight into your chest while exhaling.
  • Return the bar and lower as far as possible to the ground while keeping good posture throughout the movements.
  • Repeat these steps.

Not only will the bent over row work your mid to upper back muscles you will be stimulating most of the other muscles in your body as well. The bent over row would be considered a compound type of exercise because of the multiple muscles that are involved. Definitely not an isolated exercise.