Top Resistant Band Exercises

Workout Resistant Bands

Resistance Bands is an elastic band that can aid you in fitness training and workouts. They are made of strong, elastic thin rubber and come with handles on both ends. With resistance bands, you can perform any type of training and exercises on your desired fitness level. Resistance bands come in different sizes, length, strength and resistance levels.

This band is portable and you can bring it with you wherever you go. If you feel working out and do your strengthening exercises at home instead of going to the gym, then these bands would be perfect for you and for your training needs.

If you just heard about this resistance band, then you will surely be surprised if you have learned about the different benefits it would bring.

  • Resistance bands are very affordable and it can help you achieve a cost-effective training exercise or workout. It is a low-cost training investment.
  • Resistance bands are small and dense making it very easy for you to bring it anywhere you want to perform your exercise or workout routine meaning you can just train anywhere, anytime as long as the resistance band is with you.
  • These types of bands allow you to achieve a whole body workout as this band allows you to maintain stability throughout the entire workout routine.
  • Resistance bands are one of the most flexible types of workout gear because its resistance can be adjusted depending on your fitness level.
  • They can help you maintain strength and reduce the risks for injuries as it is considered to be joint and muscle friendly.
  • It increases stability and improves muscle and joint strength.


Resistance Band Exercises


There are several types of resistance band exercises and here are some of the easiest and simplest ways to perform your resistance band routine exercises or workout involving different major muscles in the body:

  1. Squat

This requires you to stand over the band and your feet should be positioned wider than your shoulder length for support and balance. Hold the handle on both ends with one handle on each hand and bring it and stretch it up to the top of your shoulder. Sit all the way down in a straight manner with your chest up, contracted abs and press your knees out and go back up from your starting position and repeat the same steps for 8 times or more. This can be one of your lower body exercises.


  1. Bent Over Row

To perform this, you have to stand at the center of the band with fit apart wider than your shoulder length, bend your knees slightly and hinge at the waist while keeping your hips back at the same time. Grip both one end of the band on each hand, pull the band up to the level of your hips until your elbows form a 90-degree angle and with knees slightly bent. Repeat these steps to achieve the bent over row exercise. This can be an exercise for the strengthening of the back muscles.


  1. Lateral Band Walk

Tie your band on your lower extremities just above the ankles just like a loop. Move your legs apart to create a tension on the band. In a slightly bent or half squat position, perform sideways steps and move from left to right or you can perform 8 to 10 steps to the right and then 8-10 steps to the left but make sure that the band is stretched. This is one of your lower body exercises.


  1. Push up with the band

This is just like your usual push up but this time, you will place the resistance band across your upper back and tie each end of the band on each thumb. Place your hands on the ground and go for a push-u exercise position and then you can push yourself up with hands fully extended and body straight then bring yourself down with elbows bent, just like your push-ups. Repeat these steps in a repeated manner. This is one of the chest exercises that you can perform.


  1. Lateral Raise

This is one of the isolation exercises with resistance bands and it can build up your shoulder muscles. To do this, you have to position your feet at the center of the band, grasp each handle of the band with arms down on both sides. Pull the band and raise your arms up and in a straight manner to the level of your shoulders and then place it back down. Repeat these steps to achieve this kind of resistance band exercise.